Meet Katie - 2017 Cadet/2018 Grad

Katie Harker

Best part of your day:
“Working in teams is a major part of day to day GTA life. I love interacting with each of my team members and others around the office, collaborating and sharing ideas”.

Transitioning from Uni:
“Participating in the graduate program provides you with access to many mentors around the office. There is always an opportunity to ask questions and work hands-on with colleagues who have over 20 years’ experience. GTA made the transition from university a breeze”.

A day in the life of Katie:
“As a transport modeller, I spend much of my day running microsimulation models of some of Melbourne and Sydney’s busiest suburbs. I work with all divisions of the office to plan, design,
analyse and improve our road network”.

Meet Will - 2019 Grad

William Finlay v2

Best part of your day
“The best part of my day is when I am briefed on a new project, the opportunity to really sink my teeth into a new project with fresh challenges is really exciting and I love it. The daily coffee run with a few colleges is also a great part providing a helpful caffeine hit to fuel my day and a great way to enjoy the lighter side of the workplace.”

Culture at GTA
“The culture at GTA is incredible, from the moment I walked in as a grad I felt welcomed and part of the team. I felt like I could approach anyone and the generosity everyone had with their time really made a difference in helping me grow my technical skills. Additionally, the social side of GTA is a real highlight and beyond anything I had expected in a workplace, with the weekly Friday socials, GTA trivia and GTA Grand Prix just to name a few. I am proud to be a part of GTA and be able to contribute to the amazing culture.”

Opportunities at GTA
“Coming in as a grad in 2019 I had the incredible opportunity to rotate through our four business groups. The three month rotations allowed me to develop different skill sets and professional relationships unique to each team. The invaluable experience has also allowed me to determine which stream I was most aligned with and GTA has provided the opportunity for me to pursue this path”.

Meet Josh - 2018 Grad

Josh Mauro 1Transitioning from University
“I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to start as a cadet on a part time basis for a couple of months prior to the end of year Christmas break. I found this to be a great way to transition from a university student to a graduate professional as it enabled me to get settle into the professional working environment without the pressure of working a full time work week.

When the official graduate program commenced in February, I felt more relaxed as I had gained an appreciation and feel for what a typical day consists of as well as being surround with familiar faces”.

A day in the life of Josh.
“Being a consultant in one of GTA’s engineering teams has gifted me the opportunity to work on a vast array of projects. Typically, my day consist of assisting team members of a variety of traffic and transport engineering activities for both government and private industry clients. The type of work can range from car park layout reviews and data analysis to preparation of technical documents suitable for submission to council and other relevant authorities. As a consultant I am able to work with a considerable amount of independence and use my own judgement to solve problems whilst having guidance from my seniors”.

Advice for future Graduates
“The graduate program at GTA is a great way to gain exposure to a wide range of projects, technical areas and personnel, so do be afraid to get involved and ask questions!”

Meet Mark - 2014 Grad

Mark StephensBest part of your day
The best part of my day is getting to collaborate closely with a large group of colleagues both within Melbourne (local) and GTA’s interstate offices. This is common practise in my current role within Analytics and helps me to continually expand my own skills and knowledge.

Advice for future graduates
Challenge yourself and others. If you have any ideas or thoughts on how to improve processes or outputs then invest the time to explore these ideas. Secondly, make it known to others if you want the opportunity to try something new such as learning a new skill or working within a new area.

Opportunities at GTA
During my time at GTA I have been fortunate in the opportunities I have received, these include:

  • Working on a diverse variety of projects (planning, modelling and analytics, traffic signals, road safety etc.)
  • Collaborate with a wide variety of teams and staff both local and interstate
  • Several interstate travel opportunities for work and training purposes
  • The opportunity to attend and present at various industry events and training sessions to assist in furthering my career.

Meet Chris - 2008 Grad

CHRIS GREENLAND GTA 14 2 18 1530 w1Transitioning from University
My final year of University was in 2008 and I was fortunate enough to be accepted into GTA’s graduate program earlier that year.  Despite only being in the office one day a week due my Uni timetable, the experience was invaluable as I could apply learnings to my final year transport projects, as well as being able to ‘hit the ground running’ when I was working full-time following the completion of my degree at the end of that year.

A day in the life of Chris
I am generally in the office as early as possible as I like to get a head start on my day.  This has been my routine for the 12 years I have been at GTA as I can organise and prioritise the key outputs that I am looking to achieve on any particular day.

Each morning I like to touch base with each member of my team to understand their current work schedule and ascertain how we can achieve each of the various deadlines and deliverables over the course of the day.  This may involve reprioritising tasks, seeking assistance and expertise from other areas of the business and having constant communication with my clients to keep them up to date the each of the various aspects our project and their development.

A typical day will generally involve internal collaboration, problem solving and touch points with staff and colleagues, a concentrated communication period with clients and partners via email and phone, external meetings/seminars/functions, preparing and reviewing designs, analysis and documentation, etc.  If my calendar allows me the opportunity, I also enjoy getting out of the office a couple of times a week to go for a lunchtime run to clear my head and get some exercise.  GTA has a good flexible working policy which allows me to drop off/pick up my girls from school/childcare occasionally during the week and I can jump back online at any time of the day to catch up and get back on top of my work commitments.

Culture at GTA
To go to work five days a week and genuinely being happy to do so is something that I have never taken for granted at GTA.  I am fortunate enough to have developed relationships over the years with many of my colleagues that I am actually in a position now that I can call them some of my best friends in life.  This is something that is extremely important to me and is one of the key reasons why I have so much enjoyment and passion in my career and my time at the workplace.

Advice for future graduates
Be bold, be courageous, be your best 100% of the time.  A graduate should be like a sponge, absorbing all information and learnings that they can in order to set themselves up to be the best practitioner possible in this industry.  It’s also extremely important to be patient and not to expect everything to be given to you early on in your career – you need to work hard for it!

Opportunities at GTA
I started at GTA as a graduate in 2008 and through hard work and developing relationships, I have been fortunate enough to climb the corporate ladder within GTA to currently be at an Associate Director level.  However, there are still opportunities for me to learn and grow and to keep climbing…