gta employee benefits

Looking after our team is of the utmost importance. Your working experience at GTA is designed to provide opportunities to grow and learn, enjoy time working and socialising with people who are leaders in their field. We are constantly looking at how we can support flexibility and opportunity for our employees at GTA.

Choosing your hours

We understand that everyone is different and has a raft of commitments to juggle. To this end, we have flexible work hours (choose your hours between 7:00am and 7:00pm) so you can adjust your work day to suit your lifestyle. Whether this means meeting family commitments, getting to your favourite exercise class on time, or just because you like an early start, GTA can work in with you.

Committing to getting better

Because we want our staff to grow with us, GTA encourages and expects that you will spend a portion of your work week learning and developing yourself.We also expect our staff to share that knowledge and help develop and support others

Paid Parental Leave

We value and wish to provide support for the family lives of our employees. We particularly recognise the important roles played by both primary and non-primary carers of a newborn or newly adopted child. GTA’s New Parent Support (NPS) offers financial support to parents and carers to help them navigate, enjoy and adjust to this important life phase.

Communication Allowance

In addition to your salary, GTA staff are eligible to receive a Communications Allowance as a contribution to the costs of mobile phone calls and internet data usage.

Great offices and convenient office locations

We like to be where the action is. For that reason, all of our offices are conveniently located in CBD locations close to transport connections and our clients. Our working spaces are modern, fresh and dynamic, and create a strong collaborative atmosphere

Social Events

There are plenty of opportunities to engage with our social events. From team events, trivia nights, to cinema outings, Go-karting, and our international food day, we have plenty to be involved with.

Focus on Diversity & Inclusion

Our Committee for Diversity and Inclusion works closely with our business leaders to ensure we have an inclusive environment that supports, celebrates and welcomes all staff. 

Industry Affiliation Allowance

We understand that individual's industry affiliations are an important part of your professional development. As such, GTA encourages all staff to have these affiliations and will subsidise the costs through an Industry Affiliation Allowance (IAA) which is available to all staff.